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Sun Sept 13, 2020

Pastor Roy Barrett
Winning By Losing
Philippians 3:1-11 (vs. 7 - 8)

Winning By Losing, I Gain The Right:

God often allows us to experience seasons of adversity and affliction -- where it seems like we're losing, to rewire the way, we measure our sense of success & happiness. Because we often define wins and losses by what makes us comfortable. But God defines our wins and losses by what converts us, what moves and motivates us in exercising more confidence IN...obedience TO and acceptance OF His will.

The Big So What

Sometimes Who & What I LEFT In Life Helped To Set Me RIGHT In God & With God

Weekly Challenge

This week, I will...
(1) READ - Matthew 5 - 7
(2) MEMORIZE - Philippians 3:7-8
(3) PRAY - 1x day for a person / family who’s suffered COVID loss or job / financial loss
(4) WRITE - 2 ways you’re going to leverage any losses from the last 7yrs
(5) SHARE - This message / video immediately after service