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Sermon Recap

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Pastor Roy Barrett

"My Reason Why: Thanksgiving"
Philippians Ch. 1

THEME: Our culture often wants us to show excitement and have contentment at the end of events – wait until there’s finality & certainty. But, with God, He commands us to exercise by faith the attitudes & actions that speak of our confidence in Him even when we’re unsure of the outcome -- and that we’re not responding to our problems, but responding to His promises, which yields the best results for our lives.

Key Points

1. My Problem Has a Purpose
2. My Practice is Based on His Presence
3. My Praise Shapes My Prayers

The Big So What

This Week's Challenge

1. READ the book Philippians
2. MEMORIZE Philippians 1:12 & 4:6
3. THANKFUL CHALLENGE: Set alarm on watch, iPad, cell, etc. to 12pm daily and thank God for (3) things
4. PRAY for each of these areas / points in your life (2x)
5. SHARE this message and your notes after service

To Be Continued Next Week (11/7)...