Our Values

Our Mission

Through safe environments, individuals will discover their purpose, develop their potential, and be deployed into a life of kingdom service.

Our Vision

Helping you discover life in Christ.

Our Values

Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry Using our divine design to minister to the everyday needs of others.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Creating the culture that continually raises leaders to their full potential and releases them to accomplish God’s calling for their lives.

Authentic Worship

Authentic Worship Embracing a lifestyle of total obedience to Jesus Christ that is evident in our public, private and professional life.

Community Transformation

Community Transformation Partnering with Christ to influence, inspire and impact the lives of others through unconditional love and acceptance.

Enriching Relationships

Enriching Relationships Cultivating relationships with other believers for the purpose of edification, encouragement, and expanding of God’s kingdom.

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation Committing to the spiritual principles and practices that will promote Christ-like character and established us in the faith.