Creative Arts & Media

Team Vision

Create excellent, distraction-free experiences that enhance
encounters with God during Sunday services (as well as any other events that may take place within Discover Life Church – i.e. Bible Study, Art of Worship, The River, etc.).

Team Role

We serve diligently behind the scenes to support our pastors and teams who serve on & off stage in any capacity of song, message, and/or video. With our serving, guests are able to hear the truth of God’s Word and experience God in a unified worship environment.

We have the honor or enhancing the Spirit-filled environment of worship at Discover Life Church through sound, lighting, and general atmosphere. We are charged to protect this environment, keeping it distraction-free, while maintaining a spirit of excellence and authenticity.

Creative Arts & Media Opportunities

Praise Team

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Visuals (Presentations)


Marketing/Communications (Social Media)

Photography / Videography


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Creative Arts & Media

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