Children & Youth


To lead the children of Discover Life Church into an intimate, passionate & growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Volunteer with the DZ

We need YOU! Our classrooms are becoming increasingly over capacity. Without your help, we will unfortunately have to turn children away from our amazing new area. With that said, we are soliciting your help in order to continue a safe and loving environment for our children to increase their faith walk.

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We Value Biblically Centered Living

A dependence on God’s word is essential to our lives. It is our source for daily living and imperative to effectively minster to our children.

We Value Worship

We celebrate worship corporately and live our lives in a way that honors God.

We Value Safety and Security

The safety and protection of our kids is paramount. We follow established policies and procedures to ensure safety and security.

We Value Relevance

Through creativity and innovation, our environment and our teachings are engaging, age appropriate and purposeful in the spiritual maturity of our children.

We Value Our Parents

We believe God has appointed parents as the primary religious instructors of their children and that our role is to support the family in the spiritual nurturing and growth of their children.

We Value Our Volunteers

Effective volunteers are the most important component of our ministry. We purpose to equip our volunteers with effective ministry training and provide a foundation for their spiritual growth.

We Value Our Children

Our ministry exists to serve and support our children and their families. All of our teaching, creativity, and efforts are designed to create an atmosphere that honors and recognizes that our children are a gift from God.

Explorers (6 Months - 3 Years)

This area is characterized by active with animated character stories, fun worship songs, arts and crafts and engaging group activities while each baby is covered with prayers of blessing.

Voyagers (3 Years - 1st Grade)

This area is characterized by active play where the Bible is taught through animated character stories, fun worship songs, arts and crafts and engaging group activities.

Pioneers (2nd - 5th Grade)

This area is characterized by high-impact energy, fun and engaging teaching/worship and intentional small groups. A fun environment is the setting for kids to build strong relationships with each other and their leaders all while learning about God.

Youth (Middle & High School)

We have designed this area to address the pivotal changes occurring both naturally and spiritually with our preteens and teens. This includes engaging bible discussions centered around life application, a captivating worship experience and fostering healthy Godly, relationships through small group gatherings.