JumpStart: God is Not Finished with Our Story
Pastor Krystal Barrett   -  

In the middle of trouble, we must remember that God knows our full story and has the plan.
This is a reminder that when Mary received her prophetic word, she ponders and preserved what was spoken.  Even when she did not understand fully, she thought about what was said.  In the same way we must think about what has been said.  Take time to remember what has been spoken over us. Treasure our thoughts:

  • Our thoughts determine our direction, think about what has been said
  • Direct our thoughts daily, submit our thoughts to God
  • Refuse to agree with the enemy’s words, remember your story


  • Ask for what was said
  • Ask for understanding
  • Ask for discernment
  • Thrive in this moment
  • Think on the positive.

What’s in your heart?
What are you treasuring?